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a joyful and colourful travel in one of the most beautiful city in the south of England

We all can define Brighton as a quite big city in the south of England, part of the city of Brighton and Hove with 288,200 inhabitants. This city is located 76 km south of London, this means just one hour by train to reach it.

Why Brighton and what to do in there?

Beside the fact that Brighton is near to the seaside, it also has a lot of attractions especially for the tourists. Although the weather isn’t always the best, many people come each year to visit this amazing city.

But, what can be actually done in Brighton? Just a glance on the internet and we can find different kind of attractions, also depending on the age of the visitors.

Here is a list with the most attractive things to visit:

  • Brighton Palace Pier: stood for over a century now, pier has survived two world wars. In the inside can be found restaurants, local shops and a wide choice of rides. The entry is free and you can also sit there and enjoy the view.
  • Royal Pavilion: it was a former royal residence. It is built in the Indo-Saracenic style prevalent in India. It was built in 1787 and it was finally finished in 1823. In the inside we can find a vast collection of paintings in different rooms, used by King George IV.
  • The Lanes: narrow streets with independent cafes, record shops, vintage emporiums, book stores and artwork; all housed in sixteenth-century buildings.
  • British Airways i360: giant glass viewing pod and glide up gently to 450ft, you can point out city landmarks, artwork on the rooftops, wind farms at sea and the rolling coastline stretching away to the horizon.
  • Falmer Stadium: this is a football stadium in the village of Falmer. This Stadium hosted Premier League football for the first time in August 2017 but also was designed to allow hosting for other sports and events.


Enjoy your holiday in Brighton, hope this tips will help you!



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